Options in view of the approaching end of the PCU

Des options en vue de la fin prochaine de la PCU

The economy picks up just as all those affecting the Delivery of canadian emergency (PKU) need to think about what will happen at the end of the program.

In Quebec, more than a million people, many of whom live in a family, affecting the PCU. We are talking about one adult in six.

According to Raymond Chabot, 33 % of Quebecers have no financial cushion, and 68 % of young workers are concerned. Approximately 650 000 Quebecers have already asked for a postponement of payment on a loan.

“One person in five has stated that it will not be able to feed his family for more than a month after the end of the benefits of the PCU. It is a financial crisis is really, really important”, explained Thursday Éric Lebel, partner, advisor, financial recovery and licensed trustee in insolvency at Raymond Chabot.

The financial stress particularly affects three sectors, the tourism, catering and retail trade.

The unemployed are eligible to apply for regular benefits from employment insurance.

But what is he self-employed, contractual and vulnerable?

“There are persons, indeed, who will not be eligible for regular benefits of unemployment insurance, so it will have to find ways to reintegrate them as quickly as possible in the labour market”, informed the minister of Labour, Jean Boulet.

According to him, the solution goes through the training.

“There will certainly be the possibility for these people, to assess the profile, the qualifications and skills of the person. You will be able to accompany them to a training and integration into the labor market in a sector that is growing.”

The unemployed can now contact an agent for assistance in employment through Services Québec.

“It will be necessary to accompany the employees who are less qualified and who have been most severely affected by the pandemic,” said minister Boulet.

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