Or to hell, or to the Registrar – wife told how she trapped him Zibrov

Или к черту, или в ЗАГС - жена рассказала, как захомутала Зиброва

yesterday, 21:21

Valentine’s Day, the journalists talked with the couple Shipovymi, who for 25 years together.

This is stated in reptar Today.Lifestyle.

The journalists were interested to hear the story of love, marriage, recognition. Answers one of the most exciting representatives of contemporary Ukrainian scene and his wife contain unexpected details.

First, the woman was the initiator of marriage. She gave Paul a fait accompli: or to hell, or to the Registrar. Bold Paul was not frightened of such rough wording and led the woman to marriage.

Или к черту, или в ЗАГС - жена рассказала, как захомутала Зиброва

Pavel Zibrov and his wife, Marina, Today.Lifestyle

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Second, the ceremony guests were not. The couple were dressed in white tuxedos, and were painted during the lunch break at the nearest registry office – they lived in the house opposite. Said the singer about his marriage, friends and relatives in the evening: a young wife celebrated her birthday and have guests.

On the other hand, the couple had a very beautiful and sensual wedding ceremony. This intimate event took place in Vinnitsa, a priest was a friend of Paul. Children from a nearby school somewhere to find out that Paul Zibrov crowned and ran out of class to congratulate the singer.

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We will remind, Pavel Zibrov has told about wedding gifts and private speech in Monte Carlo.

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Also “Znayu” he wrote how much it costs to invite Zibrova is a Santa Claus: the main policeman of the country boasted space fees.

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