Orcas play with birds and fish: incredible video

Косатки играют с птицами и рыбами: невероятное видео

Косатки играют с птицами и рыбами: невероятное видео

Orcas play with birds and fish: incredible video

“The ocean is not so much fun… Like birds!” — explains the biologist.

30 may 2019 13:49


The company Monterey Bay Whale Watch, which organizes tours for whale watching in the Pacific Monterey Bay, received a drone amazing footage.

A group of five killer whales chasing birds and salmon – but hardly in order to satisfy your hunger. Marine biologist and CEO, Nancy black (Nancy Black) says that it is not seen for 30 years. According to her, the orcas were just playing – “like a cat with a mouse.” One of the orcas even dived with a bird in his mouth, but not eaten.

“Young orcas can see how the little bird’s feet stick out under the surface of the water, and they think it’s funny. Get them training on coordination and preparations for catching larger prey,” the Nancy black.

The video hit and a major salmon-Chinook salmon: the fish is hooked by the tail and threw four meters into the air. However, neither fish nor birds were not regarded as prey. All the orcas in the video belong to the carnivorous type. They sailed to Monterey to hunt on cubs of grey whales.

By the way, the next day after shooting this group of killer whales ate a whale. Hunting took about four hours, although more experienced relatives would take less than an hour. Probably the fact that two orcas are just learning to forage. They joined the group after having lost their mothers. So caught in the frame of “fun” is a method of collective learning.

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