“Ordeal”: the ex-“VIA Gra” shocked recognition on the treatment of mental illness

"Тяжкое испытание": экс-"ВИА Гра" потрясла признанием о лечение в психбольнице

today, 07:18

Recently the former soloist of group “VIA Gra” shared with the audience his sad news.

Alena Vinnitskaya told how incredibly hard she has been given all concerts and tour. Girls from the famous group had a heavy schedule and worked overtime. Sudden decline in popularity brought the poor woman to depression. But also in her personal life, the problems began that led to divorce with her husband.

Basically we had no relationship, we worked like horses, and we Hope (another singer of the group Hope Meyher-Granovskaya) very closer together, despite the fact that we were different. we became closer to each other through constant nervous breakdowns,” said Alena Vinnitskaya

Also, the girl added that such a thing as “burn-out” is quite normal among artists. And so her decision to rest, to sort out their emotions, feelings and trust the professionals it considers it appropriate.

I learned to be alone, to be with myself. Actors, even the global level, suffer greatly when their GALANT falls. Many people drink too much, become sick people with them is a terrible thing. To be able to be a self-sufficient person, to accept yourself in any situation as you are, – great art. It is even more than to be an artist. I have had many different … First the stress, then the depression started. Then I was in a mental hospital. I worked with psychologists and psychiatrists, so I felt bad. He was on antidepressants. It was the first really serious year. I could not recover. And still thankful that it all happened like deer Vinnytsia

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