Orelsan and Lomepal sway any “truth” in the clip filmed live

Orelsan and Lomepal sway any “truth” in the clip filmed live

After the movie the magnificent “Too good”, Lomepal realizes a new master stroke with that of “The truth”, his feat with Orelsan. The concept ? Turn the live video 22h16 during the show The Truth show on Radio Nova, with his buddies Roméo Elvis, Camélia Jordana, Roman Frayssinet, or even the accomplice of Gringe, of course.

After the “Flip”, released in 2017, Lomepal returned last year with “Jeannine”, his new album is very personal, in part, dedicated to his grand-mother with schizophrenia. A new album which included the hit singles “1000°c” in feat with Romeo Elvis, and “Too Beautiful”, which had the right to a clip (11 million views) called “a masterpiece” by fans. And you know what ? The interpreter of “Eyes say” has not finished to surprise us and prove his / her status as an artist.

Lomepal and Orelsan dégainent the clip “The truth” filmed live

This Tuesday 30 April 2019, Lomepal has landed in live on YouTube and on Radio Nova with his show “The Truth show”, recorded in the form of a talk show with guests Romeo Elvis, Caballero, Camelia Jordana, Mr Fraize, Roman Frayssinet, Jean Jass and Vladimir Nightmare. For more than two hours, Antoine Valentinelli, his real name, offered us a programme full of humour… before continuing the evening to turn the clip “The truth” with Orelsan “live at 22h16 by two cameras simultaneously“.

We, therefore, find Lomepal and the author of “Discipline” on the set of “The Truth show” in which they balance their four truths to rappers : “it’s beautiful to see an artist frustrated become bad / Then that it is just bad / It is not because that he is bent / That it is flattering to be nice it accomplishes nothing / Now tell the truth.” Their main victim ? Romeo Elvis. The parisian singer hits so still very strong with the clip shifted to “The truth”, directed by Dario Fau !


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