Orelsan: the sequel to Never show that to anyone is coming to Amazon Prime Video!

In October 2021, Amazon Prime Video unveiled the first episodes of Never Show This to Anyone. A documentary series on Orelsan, created by Clément Cotentin and Christophe Offenstein, which reveals behind the scenes of his career. The streaming platform announced the sequel during a press conference. If the release date is not fixed, we know that it will arrive very soon.

Orelsan: the sequel to its docu-series is coming…in 2022

Good news for fans of Orelsan, the docu-series Never show that to personwhich was released in October 2021 on Amazon Prime Video is going to have a sequel. The official Twitter account of Prime Video France has indeed announced “the rest of the episodes” for “soon”, without revealing the exact release date of the new episodes. The rapper you also saw in Comment c'est loin, Blocked, La Flamme and who is in the cast of Astérix and Obelix: Middle Kingdomwill therefore soon be back on the streaming platform to indulge even more.

As a reminder, Never show this to anyone follows Orelsan, whose real name is Aurélien Cotentin, from his beginnings to his successes, passing through his fears and his doubts. The documentary series created by Clément Cotentin (Orelsan's brother) and Christophe Offenstein shows behind the scenes of Orelsan's career, from his youth in Caen with his friends, to his solo hits (The party is over ,Basic, All is well, Family defeat, Civilization, The Smell of Gasoline), to Casseurs Flowters with Gringe and his collaborations with Skread and Ablaye.

At the Prime Video Presents press conference which took place this Tuesday, April 12, 2022, the Amazon Prime Video France team revealed the (very) approximate release date of these new episodes: they will be available in 2022 on the platform .