Orelsan: this awesome clip made by a fan for less than €500 that made the rapper love it

On Thursday May 26, 2022, the clip for the song Alone with the world around Orelsan was released on Youtube. But beware, this is not the official clip! The video was shot and directed by Tom Coulommiers, a young man from Caen, like the rapper. Accompanied by his friends, the 21-year-old director has set himself a budget of 500 euros to shoot the images. Good news for him, Orelsan has validated his clip!

Since its release, Orelsan has been a hit with its album “Civilisation”. The rapper has already released three music videos from this project: The Smell of Gasoline, Best Day and The Quest. On May 26, fans were surprised to see that a new clip had been posted: that of Alone with people around. But this time, the rapper who hid golden tickets in his CDs has nothing to do with it. Indeed, the video is not official and was directed by a young man from Caen: Tom Coulommiers.

An unofficial clip

“< em>We met on a shoot I was working on and he was immediately very approachable, very humble. So I said to myself: why not edit a clip on our side and propose to him?” explains the 21-year-old director to Le Parisien, before adding: “ I wanted this clip to tell the story of the young people who listen to Orelsan, of his fans, who have the same daily life as the one he had in Caen and who dream of following such a course. This is an opportunity to film both the determination of this youth who looks like him and also to highlight our city again. At the same time, we pay tribute to Orelsan and Caen“.

To achieve this visual, the band of friends did not exceed their budget set at 500 euros, which makes the performance even more impressive. If several fans would have liked Orelsan to make this version his official clip, the rapper would have refused. But he validated Tom's work and sent him a message on the networks to congratulate him and thank him for highlighting his city.

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The sequel to Never Show This To Anyone coming soon

The docu-series Never Show This To Anyone that reveals behind the scenes of the career d'Orelsan was a real success on Amazon Prime Video. Good news for the fans, the official Twitter account of the streaming platform recently announced “the continuation of the episodes” for “soon“, without revealing the date of exact output. In any case, during the “Prime Video Presents” press conference which took place on Tuesday April 12, 2022, the Amazon Prime Video France team assured that the new episodes will be available in 2022. We can't wait to see this!