Organized crime: the head of a mobster put on a bounty for $ 250,000

Organized crime: mobster's head put up for 250,000 $

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A murder contract worth at least $250,000 now sticks to the skin of Francesco Del Balso, the fiery Laval mafioso suspected of having tried to have Leonardo Rizzuto killed. < /p>

This is what our Bureau of Investigation has learned from sources familiar with this explosive case of turf war and betrayed loyalties, worthy of a mafia movie. 

The head of the ex-lieutenant of the Rizzuto clan would thus be worth a bonus equal to that offered to hitman Gérald Gallant in the year 2000 to eliminate the leader of the Hells Angels, Maurice “Mom” Boucher, in the midst of the war of the bikers.

No wonder Del Balso tried to make an emergency escape from Canada on March 23 when he learned of the danger he was in. But the Sûreté du Québec already had his eye on him as a suspect behind the attempted murder that the son of the late godfather Vito Rizzuto survived in mid-March.

Leak averted< /strong>

The police therefore intercepted him at Trudeau airport as he was trying to board a flight to Europe and confiscated his passport to prevent him from disappearing overseas .

This specialist in extortion and illegal sports betting is said to have reacted by accusing the police of wanting him dead, although they were instead ensuring that he did not escape justice.

Since then, Del Balso has been hiding, hunted from all sides. The only ones he can't shake off are the plainclothes police who stick to him despite his movements, as part of their investigation against him. 

Yesterday, the SQ carried out a search of his residence in Laval, in search of evidence to support his investigation. Unsurprisingly, Del Balso was conspicuous by his absence.

The right target?

The fuse of the conflict was lit on November 7, 2022 when the Lexus SUV in which Del Balso was riding was riddled with bullets in Laval. 

Two projectiles pierced the driver's window and two others went through the windshield. He escaped unscathed.

Del Balso believed that only Rizzuto, considered one of the leaders of the Montreal Mafia, could have authorized such an armed attack against him, according to the thesis of the police which however has no proof that Rizzuto is involved in this crime.

Retaliation nevertheless arrived on March 15, again in Laval, when Rizzuto was injured by several projectiles from a firearm that punctured his Mercedes SUV. The shooter who fired from another vehicle and his driver are still running.

That day, Del Balso was lounging in the South, but his trip would be perceived by the authorities as a fake alibi. 

In 2006, Del Balso was one of five leaders of the Rizzuto clan that the RCMP nabbed in Operation Coliseum, alongside Nicolo Rizzuto, Leonardo's grandfather. 

After serving 15 years in jail for gangsterism, Del Balso is more involved in the criminal activities of the Hells than in those of the Mafia, according to our sources.

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