“Oscar-2020” published the shortlist for the prize, who will receive a Golden statuette

"Оскар-2020": опубликован шорт-лист премии, кто получит золотую статуэтку

today, 16:48

Finally, the American film company estimated the chances of the paintings that can get the coveted Golden statuette “Oscar-2020”. Analysts at Gold Derby called the main contenders.

The list includes the Ukrainian-Czech-Slovak-Polish film václav Marhoul “Painted bird”, which put forward contender from the Czech Republic. At the same time from the list of contenders for the award dropped the drama of Nariman Aliyev “Home”.

"Оскар-2020": опубликован шорт-лист премии, кто получит золотую статуэтку

The Oscar statuette, 24 channel

This year, besides the “Painted birds” in the category “Best foreign language film” presents:

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  • “Truth and justice” Tanel Toom (Estonia)
  • “Les Miserables” Or Lada (France)
  • “Left” Of Barnabas Toth (Hungary)
  • “Country honey” Tamara Kotevska and lyubomira Stefanova (Northern Macedonia)
  • “Body Of Christ” Ian Komasa (Poland)
  • The “Atlantic” Have Diop (Senegal)
  • “Parasites” Pona Joon-Ho (South Korea)
  • “Pain and glory” by Pedro Almodovar (Spain)

Among the contenders for the award “Oscar” in different categories:

Best makeup and hairstyles

  • “1917”
  • “Downton Abbey”
  • “The Joker”
  • “Judy”
  • “Little women”
  • Witch: Mistress of darkness”
  • “My name is Dolemite”
  • “One day in Hollywood…”
  • “Rocketman”
  • “Sex bomb”

Best soundtrack

  • “1917”
  • “The outsiders”
  • “Pain and glory”
  • “The Joker”
  • “Star wars: rise of Skywalker”
  • “King”
  • “Jojo Rabbit”
  • “Little women”
  • “The Avengers: Finale”
  • “We”
  • “Farewell”
  • “Orphan Brooklyn”
  • “Sex bomb”
  • “Frozen 2”

Best song

  • Speechless — “Aladdin”
  • Letter To My Godfather — “the Black godfather”
  • I’m Standing With You — “Breakthrough”
  • Da Bronx — “the Bronx, USA”
  • Into The Unknown — “frozen 2”
  • Stand Up — Harriet
  • Catchy Song — “LEGO Movie 2”
  • Never Too Late — “The Lion King”
  • Spirit — “The Lion King”
  • Daily Battles — “Orphan Brooklyn”
  • A Glass of Soju — “Parasites”
  • (I’m Gonna) Love Me Again — “Rocketman”
  • High Above The Water — “Toni Morrison: part of me”
  • I Can’t Let You Throw Yourself Away — “toy Story 4”
  • Glasgow” — Wild Rose

Best visual effects

  • “Alita: Battle angel”
  • “The Avengers: Finale”
  • “Captain Marvel”
  • “Cats”
  • “Gemini”
  • “Irish”
    “The Lion King”
  • “1917”
  • “Star wars: rise of Skywalker”
  • “Terminator: Fatum”

The list of nominees will be announced on 13 January 2020. 92-I award ceremony “Oscar” is scheduled for 9 February 2020.

Recall, Oscar’s at stake: the legend “documentary” have gathered at the Kharkiv MeetDocs EUFF.

As reported Know.ia, called the main contenders for the Golden statuette “Oscar-2020”.

Know.ia wrote the legendary Elvis Presley in a new film will play a favorite of Tarantino.

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