Oscars 2020 : not a fan of small furnaces, this actress of 10 years, comes with a sandwich in his bag

Oscars 2020 : pas fan des petits fours, cette actrice de 10 ans vient avec un sandwich dans son sac

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Oscars 2020 : Julia Butters ( Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ) took a turkey sandwich in her purse because she does not like the food of ceremonies

It is for the least original. Usually, the Oscars, the guests take a lucky charm or anything, except their outfit. But Julia Butters, the child who is playing in Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood by Quentin Tarantino, was a trailblazer. The actress of 10 years has brought a turkey sandwich in her bag. A secret that she revealed on the red carpet before entering the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles this Sunday, 9 February 2020.

The eyes of the world (at least millions of people) were turned into the Oscar-2020 this Sunday, 9 February 2020. While several stars are committed on the red carpet as Natalie Portman, Joaquin Phoenix and Billy Porter who have displayed their beliefs by wearing clothing symbolic, Julia Butters has found a small way to stand out.

At the age of just 10 years, you have been able to see her embody Trudi Fraser in Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood, the latest film from Quentin Tarantino. The feature-length film having been nominated in several categories (and obtained several statuettes), it was one of the guests at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. On the red carpet, Julia Butters unveiled to Amy Kaufman, a reporter for THE Times, the original contents of her handbag. Has to know ? A turkey sandwich.

Yes, you read that right, it is a turkey sandwich that the actress has carried with it in its pouch, candy pink. Why ? “I don’t really like the food here,” she confessed to the journalist. Very little for her petits fours ceremonies. A little further on the red carpet, this is from Entertainment Tonight who has asked a question on this sandwich. “There’s a sandwich in my pocket because this time I was smart. At other ceremonies, I was hungry, I was dying of hunger, and sometimes they don’t have food or no food I like it” she then added.

A small in-case that Julia Butters has even slipped in a mini bag Marzook to 2 us $ 495 (and a 2-634 euros on the website of the brand). A small accessory that was attached to his dress, Christian Siriano, also rose, as if to announce the impending arrival of Valentine’s day.

Yes, she has eaten her sandwich

The internet users were likely to find that the idea of one who has shared the poster with Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie was clever. Even Jacob Tremblay (who notably played in Doctor Sleep, the sequel to Shiningin Wonder with Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson, and in My life with John F. Donovan, with Kit Harington and Natalie Portman) has loved it. The actor’s 13-year-old has found it “so well thought of”.

Amy Kaufman was then recroisé Julia Butters and has confirmed on Twitter that the girl had actually devoured her sandwich : “It is midnight and I just see my daughter at the sandwich @Julia_Butters to the after party Vanity Fair. And she has indeed eaten the sandwich. She is thrilled that you comply with all of its food hidden away”.

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