OSCE: Russia must pay for the reconstruction of Ukraine

OSCE: Russia must pay for Ukraine's reconstruction


The head of European diplomacy Josep Borrell announced Thursday that he would study with his OSCE partners, whose meeting opened in Lodz in Poland, “all legal possibilities” for to make Russia pay for the destruction of Ukraine. 

“We have seized nearly 20 billion euros from oligarchs and people who support Russia, and we control about 300 billion in financial resources from the Russian central bank,” he said.

< p>“This money must be used for the reconstruction of Ukraine”, he insisted during the ministerial meeting of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) which is being held in Lodz (center ).

The organization has 57 members, including Russia and Ukraine.

Warsaw, which this year holds the rotating presidency of this organization, has refused entry into its territory to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Moscow denounced this “provocative” decision. 

Russia is represented in Lodz by its ambassador to the OSCE. 

The head of European diplomacy firmly denounced Russia's aggression against Ukraine as a violation of international law and OSCE principles. 

“Russia brought war to Europe, undermined the Charter of the United Nations, and failed to comply with international obligations, he said.

Mr. Borrell also felt that Europe and the world “need a new security order in Europe after Russia completely shattered the one we had.”

He also announced a proposal “ to support the International Criminal Court for Russian war crimes in Ukraine, an idea that must be discussed and approved first by the Member States of the European Union and then by the United Nations”.