OSS 117 3 : a humor clamped not to shock in this sequel ? Nicolas Bedos confides

OSS 117 3 : un humour bridé pour ne pas choquer dans cette suite ? Nicolas Bedos se confie

OSS 117 3 : a humor clamped not to shock in this sequel ? Nicolas Bedos confides

OSS 117 3 – red Alert in black Africa has not yet started his shooting, but Nicolas Bedos – the new director, is already assigned on this new adventure of Hubert Bonisseur de La Bath (Jean Dujardin). And he promised, the humor will not be clamped.

Racist, sexist, liar, predator… Hubert Bonisseur de La Bath is all that the current society is not and no longer supports. Also, the announcement of the production of OSS 117, number 3, always worn by Jean Dujardin, questions have started to point the tip of their nose : this result will be different from other films in its tone ? Should we expect a humor more smooth ?

A sense of humor as pungent

Asked on Europe 1 this Monday, November 4, Nicolas Bedos – the successor of Michel Hazanavicius behind the camera, was keen to reassure the fans about the result to expect on the screen : “We go to the bottom, we say not ‘Ah come on, it is necessary to offend everyone on this replica’, but it does ange not, especially not, because there for the shot, it would be a form of betrayal of the DNA of the first OSS. I worked on the adaptation with Jean-François Halin (writer, editor’s note) for months while fully respecting the absurdity, the madness, the charm of his dialogues“.

In this regard, it has already promised that the duo Jean Dujardin/Pierre Niney should be very fun to watch : “Pierre Niney and Jean are happy to watch them play together. We did readings, we try costumes, we have fun like kids“.

A film in line with the previous

Finally, Nicolas Bedos had to recall that he was not there to remove the paw from Michel Hazanavicius with his film OSS 117 : Alert red in black Africa. When asked about the casting for the position of director and his artistic ambition, he has entrusted : “I think it has been a common desire, I speak in their place, the lead actor, producer and screenwriter, Jean-François Halin, who said I could be sensitive to the humour-there. And then also to this ambition film[tographique] and aesthetic, because they are real beautiful films film OSS 117, the first two of Michel Hazanavicius.

Reassured ?

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