Ostapchuk after a divorce and “dancing with the stars” could not resist: “Help!”

Остапчук после развода и "Танцы со звездами" не сдержался: "Помогите!"

today, 20:43

Ukrainian TV presenter Vladimir Ostapchuk, who took part in the project “dancing with the stars” often turns for help to his fans, in fact already divorced. Now the star has no wife to advise.

“Help me choose 1 or 2?”, signed magic pictures showman.

Thus Ostapchuk in the social network Іnstagram asked his followers to choose the best photo. After participating in “dancing with the stars” presenter was on the second big wave of popularity.

Остапчук после развода и "Танцы со звездами" не сдержался: "Помогите!"

Vladimir Ostapchuk

The first wave picked him up after Eurovision, which he led together with Alexander skichko and Timur Miroshnichenko. Ostapchuk could not become the winner of the dance project and was not even in the Grand final. Despite this, the number of fans Ostapchuk only increased.

Остапчук после развода и "Танцы со звездами" не сдержался: "Помогите!"

Recently, the TV host turned to haters and “advisers” who constantly criticized him on the project. He thanked them for what stimulated him for his criticism.

Recall that Ostapchuk left “dancing with the stars” for step-up finals.

As reported by the portal Znaia the famous choreographer, member of the jury of “Dancing with the stars,” 90-year-old Grigory Chapkis has shown that he is not subject to age.

Also Znayu wrote, Kravets of “95 Quarter” left “Dancing with the stars.”

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