Ostapchuk after a divorce and “Tanzu s with a stars” has decided to change his profession: in Mogilev a new competitor?

Остапчук после развода и "Танців з зірками" решил сменить профессию: у Могилевской новый конкурент?

Vladimir Ostapchuk, Clutch.ua

today, 18:37

Popular Ukrainian TV presenter Vladimir Ostapchuk, who perfectly proved themselves in the recent season of “Dancing with the stars”, has posted some unusual photos in your Instagram and also hinted that he was going to hit the “voice of the country”. So, the first picture driving Vova captured with a microphone, in which, apparently, something takes.

In the second photo the presenter is shot against the bright decorations, he is very smart in a jacket with a zipper and a white shirt with a tie. And of course, discouraging its wide smile. And the third picture Ostapchuk posing in the company of his friends, including his co-presenter Yuriy Gorbunov. In the caption to a photo of Vladimir wrote: “soon, Soon 10 bomber season @goloskrainy_official. Do you think I should go there and start a solo career? Yes/No/Not worth it.” And the followers began to actively discuss the publication of the handsome star, who, by the way, recently divorced his wife after 12 years of marriage.

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Recall that Ostapchuk after a divorce and “Dancing with the stars” I couldn’t resist.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that Ostapchuk was handcuffed and locked in a cage.

Also, the portal “Znayu” he wrote that the Ostapchuk after “Dancing with the stars” and painful divorce urgently needed assistance to the Ukrainians.

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