Ostapchuk paid for campaigns “on the left”, the former struck

Остапчук поплатился за походы "налево", бывшая нанесла удар

today, 14:16

After participating in “dancing with the stars” contestant Vladimir Ostapchuk has announced his intention to divorce his wife. Some time after the difficult events of Elena Voychenko decided to talk about the real reasons behind the breakup.

Vladimir Ostapchuk for the first time decided to comment on an interview with ex-wife’s high-profile divorce reports Politeka.net with reference to his Instagram.

According to Vladimir his ex-wife did it as a personal insult. And he is shocked.

For me as for you was a complete shock this video. I never wanted a personal relationship between two people discussing the whole country. All these 5 months till today I haven’t told about our divorce and I still think that this turn will suffer the most are our dear children – he stressed

He also was thrown out of the probabilities the fact that his ex-wife still has not accepted the new status.

“But I can understand in some degree to justify such an emotional thing Helena. This women’s resentment and anger. Because we are familiar with for 17 years because we were together almost 14 years, and she’s probably still not used to the new status and independent life. So decided on a desperate step – he wrote in his Instagram

Earlier, in the fall of 2019, it has become known that after 12 years of marriage, Vladimir and Elena Voychenko part.

As reported by the portal “Know.ia”, celebrity exposed funny scenes from court, where he passed his divorce with his wife Elena Voychenko.

Also Know As.Eeyore” wrote that the entertainer also called his greatest achievement in 12 years of marriage.

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