Ostapchuk showed their 50 shades – this time with a man

Остапчук показал свои 50 оттенков - на этот раз с мужчиной

Ostapchuk, photos Instagram

today, 11:08

Vladimir Ostapchuk after the scandal with the public joke about the Eurovision song contest, using incorrect rhetoric, embraced the showman. This became known from the message in Іnstagram. Thus the author’s Studio holidays Svetlana Ivanchik offers beautiful top for any occasion.

For advertising photo Ostapchuk sweet hugs the waist of another master of the feast pressed against his neck with his head. Somehow even friendly looks frame…

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Остапчук показал свои 50 оттенков - на этот раз с мужчиной

Ostapchuk, screenshot from Instagram

We will remind, during the recent scandal Ostapchuk said the scene that Eurovision “contest gays and the disabled”. The statements of the entertainer struck a chord with 26-year-old model Alexandru Kutas and she decided to make a personal appeal to Vladimir because he believes in the good that is in each person. She is the first-ever model in a wheelchair and the first model with a disability in Ukraine.

Остапчук показал свои 50 оттенков - на этот раз с мужчиной

Vladimir Ostapchuk, instagram.com/vova_ostapchuk/

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Recall that Ostapchuk called the Eurovision contest “gays, the disabled and the freak”

As reported by the portal Znayu Ostapchuk disgraced the whole sports Palace and almost ruined the concert KAZKA

Also Znayu wrote rehabilitation center for children with disabilities were left without heating

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