Ostapchuk stole Kuhar, and NK kissed Potap: the brightest events “Not supertv”

Остапчук украл Кухар, а NK поцеловала Потапа: самые яркие события "Ночі суперхітів"

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Vladimir Ostapchuk in the image, the mouse king stole from the scene of Catherine Kuhar during the party from the ballet “the Nutcracker”, Tina Karol and DAN BALAN exchanged gifts, NK gently kissed Potap and Verka Serduchka made me dance the whole Palace “Ukraine” with “NOC supertv”. It all happened during a concert on 1+1, which Ukrainians will be able to see during the Christmas holidays.

On stage during the concert brought together 26 of the most popular artists of Ukrainian show-business. Stars the whole evening was surprised by the impressive performances, which was created under the leadership of Vladimir Zawaduk.

Остапчук украл Кухар, а NK поцеловала Потапа: самые яркие события "Ночі суперхітів"

Enchanting came on the scene, Olya Polyakova. She went on a huge discus thrower from under the ceiling. Max Barsky was also surprised by the scale of your decorations, because it has created a huge crown of thorns.

Остапчук украл Кухар, а NK поцеловала Потапа: самые яркие события "Ночі суперхітів"

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Directly in front of the stage the creators of the show have placed a large festive table, behind it was carried out the wishes of the stars. They boldly “ordered” those who want to see on stage after his speech, and who then wanted to sit at the table. It artists met Yuri Gorbunov Yuri Tkach. When it was the turn of captain to say who he wants to see next, Olya Polyakova joked: “Just how nasty the house will order,” to which the rapper and producer replied: “If you don’t want Anastasia, then will perform Latin American NK”. The singer came on stage and before the execution of incendiary hit “ELEFANTE” came to her husband and gently kissed it.

But prima ballerina and judge of the “Tanzu s with a stars” Catherine Kuhar at the end of her speech stole the presenter Vladimir Ostapchuk in the image of the Mouse king.

Recall, the star of “Masterchef” Klopotenko picked up a flash mob Kamenskih and Potap.

As reported Know. ua, Ilona Gvozdeva admitted, who is sick in the Grand final “Tanzu s with a stars”.

Also Know As. ua wrote that the most desirable participant of the “Master Chief” surprised photos before plastic.

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