Other camps of the homeless in Montreal

D’autres campements de sans-abris à Montréal

MONTREAL | The campsites improvised travelling multiply almost everywhere in Montreal. VAT New was discovered Wednesday another place in the district of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, where they are many to live in makeshift shelters on vacant land at the edge of the rue Notre-Dame, next to the practice field for the Montreal Impact.

Some of them, like Francis, will even arrange to spend the winter on site. His camp is mainly made of wood and plastic sheets. However, this homeless admits that the bad weather of the last few days have severely tested its facility in fortune.

Francis lived in community with several other homeless on land that should belong to a montreal businessman who tolerates their presence.

“I have my camp, I have my home there, I heat with wood. And then, I come and eat here. Here, I’m going to bed here. When he wet to “siaux”, times, it goes through my paintings. I have been three or four days in the fleet, it was crazy!”, he told Wednesday.

The official Opposition at Montreal city hall is concerned about this unprecedented situation in the metropolis. Benoit Langevin, a spokesman for the official Opposition in the field of Homelessness and Youth, denounced the closures hasty resources accommodation temporary open at the start of the pandemic, in march last.

“Currently, the administration Plant farm the resources for emergency temporary created in order to meet extraordinary needs, the consequences of the COVID-19. These resources remain critical!”, said Mr. Langevin.

“It closes the Maurice-Richard arena, the ywca, the Centre Jean-Claude Malépart. The reality on the ground is that the groups in roaming now need to decentralize their services to reduce the risk of transmission and allow the distancing”, he added.

By press release Wednesday, the City of Montréal responded by asserting that there were beds in sufficient quantity as well as resources on the ground who see day-to-day well-being of this vulnerable population.

“Dozens of places remain available in the emergency services temporary put in place by the Montréal agglomeration, and the health network, in partnership with community-based organizations, as well as in the traditional network of services in emergency accommodation. In addition, many sites are currently in development, including one at the former Royal Victoria hospital, a shelter located in the East of Montreal, and a shelter dedicated to aboriginal people. These sites, which should be able to accommodate people by the end of the month of August, will offer dozens of additional spaces to people in a situation of homelessness,” pointed out Nathalie Goulet, head of social inclusion, sports and recreation, status of women, homelessness and youth within the executive committee.

Dated as of August 3, 65 beds of emergency shelter were always available in the different sites of the metropolis in order to accommodate people in need. Since the month of June, the highest rate of traffic of the emergency measures put in place has been a total of 494 persons for 742 beds available.

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