Other masks held in China

D’autres masques retenus en Chine

China has submitted more than one company to additional checks on their cargo of masks of procedure for the network of the quebec health, according to the government of Quebec.

Our Bureau of investigation reported yesterday that a shipment of 3.3 million of masks, imported by the montreal company IS Clothing, was selected by the chinese authorities. The customs services have imposed tests unexpected to the goods, which causes further delays.

The assumption of political retaliation, because of the tensions between Canada and China, has been evoked by an attaché of the canadian embassy in Beijing.


In Québec, the ministère des Relations internationales et de la Francophonie (MRIF) has confirmed yesterday to have been informed of similar problems of other companies who import personal protective equipment (PPE), including masks.

“Few canadian firms, including Clothing, have informed the Québec representation in China of additional inspections that would have been put in place by the chinese customs in the airport areas and port in China, to further control the quality of shipments of an EAR for foreign “, responded by e-mail to the spokesman— Liliane-Side.

It was not possible to know how many companies were in this situation or the amount of EAR covered by these new tests.

The demand of Clothing, the deputy minister- – – the MRIF, Sylvie Barcelo, has written a letter to the representatives of the company, in China, in order to certify that the stocks are intended for the government of Quebec and its network of health.

According to the MRIF, the canadian businesses are not the only ones affected by these controls tightened.


The tension is rising for months between China and Canada. The canadian government recently suspended its application of the extradition treaty with Hong Kong. The chinese embassy in Ottawa had placed Canada on his guard against the risks of this decision.

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