Ottawa advises Canadians to avoid foreign travel

Ottawa conseille aux Canadiens d’éviter les voyages à l’étranger

Ottawa – The federal government maintains an official warning to Canadians to avoid all non-essential travel to the foreign countries.

Of measures of déconfinement and the partial reopening of the borders of some countries, Ottawa is reminding travellers from canada the councils to follow and would recommend to avoid all travel on the cruise ships “until further order”.

“We strongly advise you to follow the official advice of the government of Canada in respect of travel to ensure your safety”, said Friday world Affairs Canada press release.

Since the beginning of the health crisis, Canada has undertaken a large-scale operation for the repatriation of Canadians stranded abroad because of the closure of the borders, was recalled.

In contrast, “no other flight facility to bring canadian travellers to the country are not planned,” warned Ottawa.

In its latest warning, world Affairs Canada has notified the canadian voyageurs on the difficulties to return to the country, and that they might have to “remain abroad for an indefinite period of time”.

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