Ottawa and WE Charity dance the waltz of million

Ottawa et WE Charity dansent la valse des millions

OTTAWA | The organization that has offered $ 41,000 in travel in the minister of Finance has received more than$ 5.3 Million in contracts and miscellaneous payments for the federal share since the advent of the liberals to power.

The Journal has listed six contracts in the public sector and seven “contributions” allocated by the ministries to WE Charity and one of its sister companies since 2015. The body is at the heart of a scandal surrounding a settlement of nearly a billion dollars, announced and then cancelled in June.

Previously, Ottawa has signed cheques ranging from 11 $ 300 to$3 Million.

This envelope of$ 3 Million, the largest given to the movement WE between 2015 and 2019, has been announced by the minister of Finance, Bill Morneau, in August 2019. The same month, one of his daughters has been hired to travel services of WE Charity.

Another envelope of 887 155 $ has been granted by July 2018 in the framework of the” initiative on voluntary service for young people “. In the year that preceded it, the family Morneau has travelled a couple of times at the invitation of WE Charity, in July 2017 in Kenya, and in December 2017 in Ecuador.

The minister Morneau has made the admission Wednesday to the finance committee of the Commons, a few hours after having repaid $ 41,000 in travel expenses WE.

Where does the money go ?

The two “contributions” of$ 3 Million and 887 155 $ made by Employment and social Development Canada (EDSC) have been granted in the form of ” transfer payments “, that is to say that Ottawa does not expect services in return.

Nevertheless, according to the rules of the government, the beneficiaries of this type of payment must be accountable and be subject to audit.

Asked by The Newspaper for more than a week, EDSC has been unable to explain what WE Charity had made of the public money. The charity did not respond to our questions.

The$ 3 Million paid for nearly a year were to “support the creation of approximately 200 micro-enterprises” and allow 30 existing social enterprises to grow “in a sustainable and ethical,” said Ottawa in August 2019.

No responses

Nearly a year later, EDSC told the Newspaper that “two cohorts” had been selected in November and February, but has been unable to provide the list of businesses supported by this investment and explain what they are doing.

As to the mandate of 887 155 $, that was to be used to help young people integrate into the labour market, why this mission has been given to WE ? Why Job Canada couldn’t he do it ? How many young people have found employment through this program ? Our questions will not be answered.

The department responded that ” the government of Canada sets out the funding parameters of the top level, including the objectives, expected results, eligible expenditures and performance measurement “. But no information on the “results” or “performance measurement” has been transmitted.

– Sarah Daoust-Braun


Department DateAmount
Employment and social Development Canada21/08/2019$3 Million
Heritage Canada1/04/201980 000 $
Heritage Canada1/04/201925 000 $
Environment Canada19/09/201825 000 $
Employment and social Development Canada3/07/2018887 155 $
Heritage Canada20/04/2017180 000 $
Heritage Canada28/02/2017$1 Million


Department Date Amount
World affairs Canada
For professional services not specified
22/01/2020 40 000 $
Public health agency of Canada
For professional services not specified
17/10/2019 24 990 $
Privy Council office
For services of management consultants
1/05/2020 24 996 $
Privy Council office
For professional services not specified
19/03/2019 17 050,34 $
World affairs Canada
For public relations services in the United States
31/03/2017 13 374 $
School of the public service of Canada
For professional services not specified
8/12/2017 11 300 $

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