Ottawa approves stricter inspection rules for rail tracks

Ottawa approves stricter inspection rules for rail tracks

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The Federal Ministry of Transport will force railway companies to increase the frequency of railway inspections, in a wider effort to secure the tracks started after the adoption of a ministerial decree in 2020.

The government wants to see more inspections in high-risk areas, that is, in passages where trains run at high speed. & nbsp;

However, there is no question of forcing trains to carry a lower volume of goods. On the contrary, increased rail inspections in these high-risk areas would be done “while transporting a higher tonnage of freight.” & Nbsp;

Another amendment to the regulations provides for a series of new procedures to be monitor the use of cutting-edge technology for automatic inspections. & nbsp;

In addition, Ottawa wishes to increase the accuracy of the information gathered during inspections. & nbsp;

Specifically, he wants to force companies to “ensure that inspection data clearly shows the exact date and mileage of any track inspection, so that railway safety inspectors can confidently verify compliance. regulatory requirements ”. & nbsp;

A first phase of the ministerial decree established new criteria governing rail wear and staff training, among other things. & nbsp;

< p> New revisions to the Track Safety Rules are expected to come into effect in 2022.

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