Ottawa has lost track of 35 000 foreigners who should have been deported

Ottawa a perdu la trace de 35 000 étrangers qui auraient dû être expulsés

OTTAWA | Agency Canada border services (CBSA) fails to find 35 000 foreigners who should have been deported, of which nearly 3000 are criminals, according to a report by the Office of the auditor general of Canada made public Wednesday.

“The Agency has initiated immigration warrants for the arrest of these strangers, but it has rarely achieved the annual surveys are required to locate those with a criminal history”, one reads in the report.

At least 70 % of all cases related to criminals have not been reviewed annually.

The Agency has accumulated over the years in a backlog of approximately 50,000 cases, of which 34 700 people lost the trail, ” concludes the auditor general Karen Hogan.

Among these cases, 2 800 are criminals disappeared in the wild and 24 100 are failed asylum seekers.

The Act provides that the Agency must discharge as soon as possible, to all aliens inadmissible to Canada who are subject to an enforceable removal order.

However, the judgment of the auditor general is clear : “Few foreigners to be inadmissible were returned as soon as possible”.

The auditor argues in its report that the agency failed to re-open the files of people she has lost track every 3 years, and once per year for those with a criminal record.

The references are generally directed to rejected asylum-seekers, visitors whose visa is expired or foreigners with a criminal record.

The referral program of the aliens is with a budget of$34 million.

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