Ottawa intends to impose fines on the fraudsters of the PCU

Ottawa entend imposer des amendes aux fraudeurs de la PCU

OTTAWA, The Trudeau government intends to present a draft of the law includes significant penalties for Canadians who received wrong Delivery canadian emergency (PKU).

According to a draft of the legislative that has been able to refer to the QMI Agency, Monday, it provides for a maximum fine of$ 5,000 “plus an amount not exceeding double the amount of the income support benefit that was or would have been paid as a result of the offence.”

The offenders could also face maximum sentences of six months, one can read in the text that is still the subject of discussions between the liberals of Justin Trudeau and the opposition parties.

Recall that officials managing insurance claims-employment and PKU have received the directive, in April, to close their eyes on applications that seemed to be abusive or fraudulent. Ottawa argues that it has chosen a process to quickly deliver the necessary aid to a lot of Canadians affected by the pandemic, and thus to postpone the checks.

If one relies on the preliminary version of the bill that will be tabled soon, the liberals propose to make the PKU inaccessible to those who refuse to resume work “when it is reasonable to do so”.

According to information first reported by the Globe and Mail, changes to the wage subsidy program are also planned.

The PCU, a leading measure deployed during the pandemic, allows Canadians who have lost their jobs because of the COVID-19 to touch$ 2000 per month, for a maximum of 16 weeks. In its current form, those who earn$ 1000 or less per month were also right. More than 8 million Canadians have received the PCU, to more than $ 43 billion in benefits paid.

The office of government house leader, Pablo Rodriguez, has confirmed that a draft law was passed as early as Saturday to opposition parties.

“The oppositions play a critical role, to discuss and improve draft legislation. […] Canadians need help and we talk with all parties to reach a consensus,” said the press officer Simon Ross.

Conservatives and bloquistes have publicly stated their terms, Monday, to give their approval to a motion that would allow the speedy adoption of this draft law.

The two opposition parties require the filing of an economic update by 1 July. In addition, the Bloc québécois sum of Mr. Trudeau’s commitment to hold, by September, a conference with his provincial counterparts on health transfers.

The chief bloquiste, Yves-François Blanchet, has also benefitted from the opportunity to claim of the liberals that they prohibit the use of the wage subsidy by political parties. The liberal Party of Canada (LPC), the conservative Party, the green Party and the New democratic Party (NDP) have all resorted to them.

– With Guillaume St-Pierre, le Journal de Québec

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