Ottawa passes turn for 16 million doses of Moderna vaccine

Ottawa passes turn for 16 million doses of Moderna vaccine

The federal government has decided not to exercise its purchase option, providing that it can acquire 16 million doses of the vaccine from Moderna, in addition to the 40 million already ordered.

The office of the Minister of Public Services and Supply, Anita Anand, explained that they chose to ignore these vaccines because they would have arrived too late.

“If the Government of Canada exercised the option of acquiring the 16 million doses in addition to our current purchase of 40 million doses of Moderna’s vaccine, these 16 million would not have arrived before the end of 2021”, assert the minister’s office in a written statement.

The 16 million vaccine would therefore have arrived late in relation to the federal government’s objective of inoculating all Canadians who want it by the end of September.

“Consequently, the Government of Canada did not exercise this option. Canada retains the possibility of negotiating additional doses if it chooses to do so, ”said the Minister’s entourage.

The latter indicated that her team is instead focusing on relationships with pharmaceuticals, to ensure that deliveries arrive quickly.

Canada has, for the moment, ordered 40 million doses of Moderna’s vaccine and 20 million of that from Pfizer-BioNTech, ultimately enabling 30 million people to be inoculated. Ottawa also has options available to purchase up to 56 million more doses of Pfizer’s vaccine, not to mention agreements for tens of millions more doses with other companies.

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