Ottawa Senators publish message in French full of mistakes

Often criticized for neglecting its French-speaking supporters, the Ottawa Senators organization got into trouble on Thursday, posting a message in French full of mistakes on social networks.
This message was sent to assure supporters that the team supports the decision of the National Hockey League (NHL) on the sidelines of the coronavirus disease pandemic and that it cares about the health and safety of his supporters, his players and his staff.

The organization has managed to make at least 13 spelling and grammar mistakes in four sentences, to which are added multiple syntactic aberrations which have raised strong criticism from Internet users.

Here is the full message posted on the Senators Facebook page:

“We are completely supportive of the measures taken by the NHL to suspend operations during the triggering of the coronavirus (COVID-19). The health and safety of our community, supporters, players and staff remains our priority during the development of this situation. We are in communication with our event partners and we take the advice of public health authorities. We will continue to communicate with the public about our operations and the public impact of the development of the situation. ”

Several supporters reacted in English and French to this publication, some with humor, others with anger.

Here are some of these reactions:

“Thank you, I will be supportive in your learning of French”

“In any case, I offer myself to the Senators to write their communications in French … without fail”

“Guys, if you wanna hire someone to take care of your French communication / translation, I’m all in !!!”

(Guys, if you want to hire someone to take care of your communications / translations in French, I’m ready !!!)

“My God! It’s full of French faults !!! Who is the incompetent who wrote this text ??? ”

“Next time, you want to issue a statement in French?”

(Next time, would you like to issue a press release in French?)

“Since there will be no more hockey for now, you could take a little time to improve your French!” #franches Ottawa Senators »

“Learn French please !!!”

(Learn French, please)

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