Ottawa will present a portrait of the economy and public finances

Ottawa présentera un portrait de l’économie et des finances publiques

OTTAWA | Pressed from all sides, the Trudeau government will present a portrait of public finances and the economy, the 8th July next, but insists that it will not be an economic update.

This is what announced on Wednesday that the prime minister Justin Trudeau, during his press briefing daily in front of his residence at Rideau Cottage, Ottawa.

“Our government is going to publish a portrait of the economy and of public finances on 8th July next at the House of commons, he stated. It’s going to give us an update on the economy, on how our response compares to that of other countries and what we might expect in the future.”

An economic update is especially claimed for several weeks by the conservatives and the bloquistes. Even the parliamentary budget officer (DPB), Yves Giroux, has also requested such a review economic.

“An economic update would still be unrealistic. We can’t make predictions in a responsible way, because everything changes so quickly,” said Mr. Trudeau.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, several economic measures that are costly to the State have been put in place. This is the case of the Provision of emergency canadian (PKU), the wage Subsidy emergency, but also loans to small businesses and supports aimed at different sectors that have been hardest hit by the crisis.

“During a crisis situation, it had to be that one so the money quickly,” reiterated Mr. Trudeau Wednesday, while reiterating that the decisions were adopted by the Parliament, and that his is a minority government.

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