Our children will be the domestic of China?

Nos enfants seront-ils les domestiques de la Chine?

China has bet, and China has won… again.

She bet that we would be too occupied by the pandemic to prevent mater Hong Kong.

This is exactly what happened… and you would be wrong of you to cum because it is far.

I’ll tell you why.


Communist China, where the virus is gone, breaks his promise to preserve the special status of Hong Kong until 2047.

It gives itself the right, under the guise of national security, to send their matamores there to crush anything that he will dislike.

The small case will be tried in Hong Kong by judges… appointed by China.

More serious cases will be sent to China, where it condemns to death more people than in all the other countries of the world combined.

It is to have brandi as a sign in favour of the independence of Hong Kong, nothing more, that was arrested the first person under the auspices of this new law.

Most of us would find it difficult to locate Hong Kong on a card which you would have removed the scriptures.

What happened, however, is crucial not only because of the importance of Hong Kong as a financial centre.

This is crucial, because it announces the future that awaits us.

I’m not saying that the chinese army will land here, although his spies are for a long time.

I say that China is no longer a mystery, she launches out to the conquest of the world.

She not only wants economic control, but also technological, military and political.

The problem is that this dominance goes hand in hand with the imposition of its cultural values : the rejection of democracy, rejection of individual freedoms, rejection of the rule of law authentic.

Up to now, she moved her pawns quietly. She will now advance to the visor lifted. No more doubt is possible.

She is now convinced that we will oppose that of the sermons insignificant to Justin or rants erratic at the Trump.

In the name of trade, all of the cowardice, becomes justifiable.

The nature of the regime was, however, evident since the Tiananmen massacre of 4 June 1989, when chinese leaders massacred their own youth, which called for individual freedoms.


China did what all dictatorial regimes are : it tests the resolve of its opponents.

When Obama said that chemical weapons use in Syria be the red line not to cross and that he did nothing after using them, Assad has understood.

When Putin saw that we did nothing after the annexation of Crimea, he understood.

When Hitler saw that he was a gift in 1938 from Czechoslovakia to try to coax her, he understood what pleutres he was dealing with.

Today, China is the United States that make laugh of them, a Europe that is tired, and a West that is eaten, from the inside by all those who want him to bring all the crimes of humanity.

And she enjoys. It won’t be fun for our children.

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