Our songs are heartfelt 2020

Nos chansons coup de cœur de 2020

Cédric Bélanger ,
Raphaël Gendron-Martin and
Sandra Godin

The first half of the year 2020 ? We all want to relegating it to the dustbin at the most sacrant. Fortunately, through the deluge of bad news, the good has emerged, the québec musicians have not stopped to shine because a virus has decided to come and play the spoilsport. Here are twenty songs favourites here, selected from the publications of the first six months of 2020. Good listening !

The beatings of the heart, Yves Leclerc

The summers of Montreal, Jill Barber, and Yann Perreau

Jill Barber is not Quebec. It is in Ontario, but she fell in love with the French language. This duo very summery scent of the 60’s, consisting of a chorus that stays in the head, it celebrates Montreal in a beautiful way, with Yann Perreau.

Sacrifice, Plants and Animals

The new album of the formation Plants and Animals only come out on the 23rd of October, but the single Sacrifice hits hard with a mixture of sounds stoner rock combined with a segment of pop and psychedelic highly successful. And we listen to it at full volume.

Saturn Gravity, Camille Delean

I just discovered this young author, composer and interpreter of franco-ontarians who moved to Montreal for a few years. I like the slowness of Saturn’s Gravity, his voice and to the side, hovering and haunting. Here’s one that will need to be monitored very closely.

The panic, Catherine Major

I love the new colors and appliances that are present on the album Card mother of Catherine Major. It leaves totally out of his comfort zone, is bold and risk taking pays. And this title, in addition, falls battery with the world in which we live.

Heart Of An Animal, The Dears

As soon as I heard the first notes of this piece, which opens Rock Lovers, the impression was favourable. The take-off occurs after a few steps, followed by another change of pace. The album runs in a loop since. My favorite of 2020 for all categories.

The beatings of the heart by Cédric Bélanger

Mtl sadness, Zen Bamboo

Mtl sadness, it is sweet melancholy, but above all, it is the key that opened the doors of GLU when everyone was singing the praises of this first album, and I stayed on my guard. That time is past.

Buried alive, FUUDGE

While the idiots are screaming that rock is dead, people to be curious, dig in the margins and find nuggets of gold like Buried alive and his strings well drooling. Dixit lyricist David Bujold : “eat, eat, yes my dear. “

Fires to see, Marie-Pierre Arthur

Excerpt from my interview with Marie-Pierre in January.

“If I called my favorite song on the album, you’ll be able to tell me what style of music do I like ? “

“Go for it ! “

Lights to see. “

“Oh, do you love grunge, you. “

The proof is made, grunge and 2020 can make good household.

The people who love me, Jimmy Hunt

The exile from the gaspé of Jimmy Hunt, the source of his recent solo album, finds here its climax. Poetry simple, but evocative of the wide open spaces and a music that breathes, but who inspires. It gives the taste to take the 132 east to go to relax like him.

See my eyes, a Thousand miles

Little treasure hidden at the end of an album shunned by the majority, this piece floats out of time and managed to not freeze in our times pandemic in an enveloping languor.

Translation : it is very good.

The beatings of the heart of Raphaël Gendron-Martin

Now, Nightmare!, The Dears

This is a song that is already an instant classic in the repertoire of the group in montreal. From the first notes of the violins, we were hooked by the melody. After a long crossing of the desert, the Dears are back in force.

Everything falls in its place, Louis-Jean Cormier

It would have almost been able to name each of the songs on When the night falls, as Louis-Jean Cormier has delivered an album strong in the spring. On Everything falls in its place, the musician starts so sturdy, until the chorus where all is quiet. An excellent piece to emotions varied.

Around Here, Matt Holubowski

A very personal choice here. At the end of the very beautiful song, you can hear a crowd sing ” Oh love, oh love, oh love, oh love “. It was during a concert Holubowski they had seen at the montreal jazz Festival last year. A time not so distant where the gatherings were still allowed.

Paris, Mara Tremblay

Mara Tremblay has delivered one of his best albums in their career with Only for you. And listening to the haunting Paris, he becomes immediately captivated by the atmosphere created by his a long-time collaborator, Olivier Langevin (Galaxie).

Income Tax, P’tit Belliveau

Who would have said that it was possible to make a song interesting also about a tax refund ? The Neo-Scot, a finalist in the Francouvertes 2019, comes with a piece to the words crazy that wander between the English and the French. A beginning of very promising careers for the Acadian.

The beatings of the heart of Sandra Godin

Getcha, Matt Lang

A song of line dance in this list ? Why not ? Matt Lang resets the style to the taste of the day Getcha, extract More, a second album, frankly, strong, and diverse, which reflects the hard work of the artist to rise above the standards.

The great escape, Patrice Michaud

Patrice Michaud described this song as a gust of wind. A short piece, and intensely outlet that we pick up the heart, where the wizard of words sings ” our hearts lifted high, for leveling by the beautiful. “Musically, Michaud was able to once again lead us elsewhere, without distorting it.

After the storm, Cindy Bédard

The title piece of his best album in career, is deposited at the very end of it, where we breath gentle lyrics written by Andrea Lindsay and Luc De Larochellière. A song of resilience, not at all written during the pandemic, but that resonates incredibly with what we live today, interpreted in a magnificent formula piano-voice.

Rebel Now Now, Julyan

After you have evolved within the group The Seasons and trained Forest Boy, Julien Chiasson is revealed for the first time solo under the name Julyan. With a vintage sound catchy, the melody is in my opinion the best of his first EP, because it demonstrates perfectly his formidable mastery of the codes of rock and pop.

Grow Into Love, Half Moon Run

Even confined at home, the members of Half Moon Run create engineering. Launched just before Isaac Symonds leaves the group, Grow Into Love is a beautiful song about doubt in love, including folk and soft extended lulls us once again.

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