Our suggestion: the Corona Good Luck Reading List

Almost all cultural places are closed due to COVID-19. Art remains accessible and can play a comforting role. The Sun Arts team will do our best to demonstrate this to you, starting with a daily suggestion to help keep your spirits up.
With a music scene in forced stop, the singer-songwriter Amelie No had the idea of ​​shining a spotlight on local talent by mounting the Corona good luck playlist on the Spotify platform.

On the menu, songs from Gabrielle Shonk, Liana, Hubert Lenoir, Les Louanges, Yann Perreau, KROY, Milk & Bone, Safia Nolin, KNLO, Alaclair Ensemble et cie. The musician also included her new extract, The Moon.

“I’m throwing it the same … Let’s say you’re making a playlist of music from Quebec that you’re playing over and over on your favorite platform…” she posted on Facebook, jokingly adding the words -clicks #faireuneetcinquante and #brokemusicianseekinghelp (which can be translated as “broke musician seeks help”).

This is a way of (re) discovering certain titles and reminding that artists are hard hit by the cancellations of shows.

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