Our Super Bowl LVII prediction: A second title for the Eagles

Our Super Bowl LVII prediction: A second title for the Eagles


There is an oft-validated belief that a football game is won on the front lines. In this sense, the Eagles are clearly advantaged on paper, but on rare occasions, an exceptional player can come and shake up preconceived ideas. Patrick Mahomes will allow the Chiefs to make Super Bowl LVII exciting … without however winning it. This time, the magician will run out of miracles.

This duel for top honors between Kansas City and Philadelphia in Glendale, Arizona, can hardly disappoint.

Both offenses are the most points per game this season. of the NFL. 

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Both teams have been on top of the mountain with identical 14-3 records. 

Both clubs are the ones who, defensively, have claimed the more quarterback sacks, Eagles with 70 and Chiefs with 55.

Both teams have the opportunity to get their hands on a second title in a short period, as the Eagles were crowned champions in 2017 and the Chiefs in 2019. 

The two organizations are burning cities football fans in Kansas City and Philadelphia. 

So those are the many similarities. But what are the factors that will ensure that the Eagles will be crowned?

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When the Eagles have the ball

Let's go back to the original cliché, which says that football is won on the front lines. A cliché, yes, but a truth rarely denied. 

To this end, the Eagles rely on the most formidable offensive line in the circuit. The key, of course, will be to rein in monster tackle Chris Jones and defensive end Frank Clark. Jones is often the one to destroy offensive line work, while Clark reaps the rewards with 11 quarterback sacks in 14 career playoff games. The tandem has proven itself.

However, the two attackers will have to enter a double-towered fortress. It's this line that the Eagles have won on the ground, with 12 games of at least 135 yards rushing this season, including five over 200 yards. The Chiefs are eighth against the run, which shouldn't be overlooked.

On the other hand, the Jalen Hurts factor distorts the data. When a quarterback runs like him, the defense has to be constantly on the lookout. The whole thing could be misleading for the young linebackers and defensive backs of the Chiefs, who will already have their boots full with the aerial play against A. J. Brown, DeVonta Smith and Dallas Goedert. 

In the last few years , it was fashionable to praise the Missouri club's attack, with good reason. This time, it is far from illogical to claim that the Eagles have even more dangerous weapons.

When the Chiefs have the ball

We talk about the dominant offensive line of the Pennsylvania formation, but the Chiefs are not celery feet in this department either. They conceded just 26 sacks, the third-lowest total on the league. It is possible, however, that right tackle Andrew Wylie will find the time long ahead of Haason Reddick (19.5 sacks including playoff games).

Head Coach Andy Reid is not the last come and will certainly help him in protection. The interior of the Chiefs line, with Creed Humphrey, Joe Thuney and Trey Smith, is second to none, but with the Eagles, the pressure can come from anywhere. 

Speaking of Reid, will he agree to put more emphasis on the ground game? Philadelphia has given up 125+ rushing yards eight times this season. This is where rookie Isiah Pacheco, a carry, can play an important role. 

Everyone knows Patrick Mahomes has a right ankle injury. He held his own against the Cincinnati Bengals, but the Eagles should hustle him much more wildly. 

If it was only him who was physically mortgaged, that would be one thing, but Travis Kelce, JuJu Smith-Schuster and Kadarius Toney are also dragging sores, as are other key players in defense.

And Mahomes?

The X factor, the intangible element of this final remains Mahomes. He gives his people a real chance to win. 

The Eagles may have the advantage in offensive line, running game, receiving group, defensive line and secondary, but Mahomes is a thoroughbred. The best player in the NFL, in any position, can turn everything into an absolutely ridiculous game.

Mahomes on one leg is better than 75% of fully fit quarterbacks in the NFL and it is not exaggerated. The problem is Mahomes on one leg against the Eagles. It will just lack a bit of magic.



Denis Casavant
Football expert at TVA Sports

Philadelphia prides itself on its reputation as a tough city, a blue-collar city. The Broad Street Bullies of the 1970s remain one of the most beloved teams for sports fans in the City of Brotherly Love. This Eagles formation, with head coach Nick Sirianni and quarterback Jalen Hurts in the lead, is beloved by the public because it reflects their city. She established herself with a robust, aggressive and physical style of play. His dominance, both on the line on offense with seven rushing touchdowns in the playoffs, and on defense with 58 sacks, will play an important role against the Chiefs.


Charles-Antoine Sinotte
Football expert at TVA Sports

< p>The Eagles have formed the most complete and diverse team this season. Fronts win big games and Philadelphia has the best pair of lines. Mahomes performed miracles on one leg, but the Eagles had the most quarterback sacks in 2022 in the league. Besides, Philadelphia is much healthier than Kansas City. In addition to Mahomes, several of his receivers and a few key players on defense aren't 100 percent. The Eagles outplayed their playoff rivals without even using receivers A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith. By the way, watch tight end Dallas Goedert. The ceiling of the Eagles' potential is not yet reached.


Jean-Nicolas Blanchet
Deputy to the dir. sports, Journal de Québec/Journal de Montréal

Everything is taking shape to still become the beautiful story of the Eagles. Everything seems to be written to see them leave with the trophy. They were dominant from start to finish. Their defense is scary. It's the Cinderella team in this season that hasn't really been easy for bettors, I can confirm that. Despite all that, I don't believe it. Patrick Mahomes is going to give a great show. His ankle won't be that bad. And the evil Chiefs are going to smash the great story. This is the best aerial team against the best to counter the aerial game. It is therefore obvious that it will be a shock and an exciting match. As bettors predict, it's going to be close, but unlike them, I'm going with Mahomes.


Jean-Nicolas Gagné
Podcast host < strong>The paying zone at QUB radio

The Chiefs will have to be patient and take what the Eagles defense gives them. That is to say: not much. The temptation to make big plays could be costly for Patrick Mahomes, who suffered this season against defenses that covered deep areas well. The Eagles arrive fired up after outscoring their opponents 69-14 in the playoffs. Although they had the easiest schedule in the NFL, they plowed through everything that came their way and they're 16-1 with Jalen Hurts in the lineup. Can Mahomes do it all alone? No, and unfortunately he will repeat the mistake of trying.


Mario Dumont
Columnist at the Journal de Montréal/Journal de Québec

I am a confident Eagles fan. At each stage of the playoffs, some said: “This time it will not be so easy for the Eagles!” And what? 38-7 against the Giants and 31-7 against the 49ers. The team is inspired, they have depth and they have one of the best coaches in Nick Sirianni. To get to this stage of the playoffs, the manager didn't even have to use a single one of his secret games. Jalon Hurts will run. The defense will cause two or three turnovers. Fly Eagles Fly!


Arnaud Gascon- Nadon
TVA Sports 

It will be a Super Bowl with the two best teams. The Eagles had, based on win projections following the schedule announcement in May, the second-easiest schedule and two one-sided playoff games. They have destroyed everything and their successes go through their offensive line. It's one of the best I've seen. The Chiefs are led by the one and only Pat Mahomes. Unlike the Eagles, they had the most difficult schedule of 2022. Mahomes, less well surrounded than at one time given his salary, is still better than before despite the loss of Tyreek Hill. It all rests on the shoulders of Mahomes, Travis Kelce and Andy Reid. Since I'm a team guy, I believe in strength in numbers and not in stars.