Our tv series starving

Nos séries télé crient famine

Even if they are subsidised, in appearance, very generously, in our series of French-language television are no longer able to compete with the series to English-speakers.

The funding gap between one and the other continues to widen. The gap was long from the simple to the double, but this is no longer the case. Currently, the production budget of a series anglophone reached up to four times the value of a series francophone.

In the circumstances, that a series in quebec succeed to reach the list of winners of festivals as prestigious as those of Banff, La Rochelle and Berlin is something of a miracle. This success we owe to the exceptional creativity of our designers and to efforts almost superhuman that we ask to our technical teams. They are paid more when they are assigned to movies or american series that we filmed in Québec.


With the exception of a small number of stars that relate to the stamps the most generous, even if they are lower than those of the stars English, the actors and actresses who play small roles will get the stamps that have not changed in the last decade. Their working conditions are extreme. Producers and broadcasters are also seeking to learn all they can of a series that becomes successful.

The daring and very original series That is like that that I love you François Létourneau and Jean-François Rivard should have stopped after six or seven episodes. The result is redundant and the writing process ends up tired. It speaks, however, of a second season and even a trilogy. Good luck !

The moving series unfortunate tendency to run away from Michelle Allen, she won to have a sequel ? Written in haste, the second season has baffled more than a faithful viewer. Me do you hear?, the poignant fictional to the documentary-style of Florence Longpré, deserves to find themselves on the web platform of the 190 countries that has offered to Netflix. Up where he will be able to extend the series without the lose its savour or break its charm ?

To sell abroad to offset the cost of our series is only part of the solution. Their export is not free, because the cost of selling and the commissions to be paid are high. Despite all the bad that can be said of Netflix, to its 183 million subscribers in nearly 200 countries, are resulted in gold for our series. This is by far the fastest way to amortize the cost and even make a profit.


It is also necessary that our series are competitive. To be one, they must be better funded and more thoughtful. Authors, actors, craftsmen and technicians must receive the best stamps in order not to put the series one after the other to pay for bread and butter.

The rights paid by the French-language broadcasters are less expensive than those made by English speakers. Ask for private channels to pay more would cause them to spread less series, because the private ones don’t roll on the gold. Radio-Canada would have the means to pay more, even though this may reduce the number of series in the schedule. But this would distort the market and private would throw the screaming. They are already ahead of the fierce competition in the tele State.

The pandemic, which has stopped cold any audio-visual production, would be a good time for all leaders to think of new ways to ensure the sustainability of the series francophones ?

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