Out of the North Shore

Boredom is great when you have 15 years on the North Shore, but it is also the opportunity to develop a keen eye on the life around oneself, and love.

Like her heroine, the author of The epidemic of VHS, Alexandra Tremblay, was born at Colombier, a small village overlooked from the North Shore.

It is his first novel, it is not surprising that the narrator of the book is expressed in the ” I ” and that the author is leaning on her own journey to build his story. Nowadays, young writers perform rarely otherwise. And to live in the region, obviously, has exacerbated the disillusionment of the teenage years.

Alexandra Tremblay, however, to renew the genre because it moves the shots.

Its narrator is convinced to be a special child, an aspiring artist who dreams of Montreal, where all bursts are possible. In itself, it is the already-seen.

But she has a name exotic : Häxan – allusion not explained in the book to a movie scandinavian cult of 1922 relating to witchcraft. We discover, however, that the teenager is fascinated by the magic, white as black.

The author him deputy as a man in love, Leo-Moon, a guy from Baie-Comeau party a day to the big city and decided to come back to the region. To Colombier. This is an interesting reversal of perspective.

The young man is in the halo of his life in montreal, and it fuels his character of artist eccentric with passions which distinguish it – any film with a camera VHS including.

But the life-of-Leo-Moon in Montreal was closer to the failure of the romance. Subtly, the story makes it see, puncturing the charm of the exotic. Flee elsewhere does not give all the answers.

And then, Alexandra Tremblay explores with clarity the love story of Häxan with Leo-Moon, which was almost ten years older than she.

Of course, Häxan first sees in him the only being, out of his little brother, who can really love and who will help him to exploit his creativity.

Narrative learning

But Leo-Moon also knows the words unbalancing and Häxan opens slowly the eyes on the way it has to be crushed. As it ends the note : “Leo-Moon wanted to do more activities that please me. Only, it had to be in agreement with his idea of who I was. ”

A young woman is alive and well in asserting, and see it is a great asset to this story of learning.

Alexandra Tremblay is known to give a consistency of concrete at the ill-being of Häxan. It is measured from the point of introduction, so that the spear she chokes in her village. Immediately, the author transfers the effect. “It all smelled too much of Bleach and water, gas, kelp, clay and water : it was the spring at Loft. “

It’s heavy, but the smells there, the haunting atmosphere, are also part of Häxan. The true love story of the novel, it is at the bottom with the North Shore.

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