Out the trailer for the film “Cold blood” with Jean Reno, the shooting of which took place in the Ukrainian Carpathians

Shooting the Thriller took place in the Ukrainian Carpathians

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Вышел трейлер фильма "Холодная кровь" с Жаном Рено, съемки которого проходили в украинских Карпатах

A scene from the movie “Cold blood”

In the network appeared the trailer for the new Thriller “Cold blood” with Jean Reno in the title role. The film was created with the support of the State Agency of Ukraine for the movie and will be released in cinemas on 17 October this year.

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The story is about a serial killer who had a quiet old age in the house on the shore of a scenic mountain lake, where he lives alone. But one day near his house is an accident – girl breaks into the snowmobile. And the killer for whom killing a man was commonplace, for the first time it saves someone’s life.

Вышел трейлер фильма "Холодная кровь" с Жаном Рено, съемки которого проходили в украинских Карпатах

The poster for the film “Cold blood”

The shooting took place in the Ukrainian Carpathians (the national Park “Synevyr”) and in USA (NY) and Canada.

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“The plot of the film hooked me with an atmosphere of detachment. The lake, forest all around – and again alone. I like the characters of this type. This guy is a hired gun Henry – the same lonely, as was Leon. So I was primarily attracted to the loneliness of this character to your destiny. I was incredibly amazed after visiting the Carpathian mountains: they are extremely beautiful! So during the filming it was very cold, but every morning we watched a magical forest. The nature of the Carpathians – just beautiful! All Ukrainians with whom we spoke during the filming, very warmly treated us and I really felt happy. I hope that we can find here some more new projects, because the country and the people are very open,” – shares his impressions of Jean Reno.

The Director of the movie was made by Frederick from his trip. On wide screens the audience will see the tape on October 17.

Earlier, Jean Reno spoke about his work in the French-Ukrainian Thriller “Cold blood”.

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