Out the trailer for the scandalous film about Vasyl Stus

Became known release date of the picture is “Forbidden”

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Вышел трейлер скандального фильма про Василия Стуса

Out the trailer for the scandalous film about Vasyl Stus

Published trailer of the biographical film about the fate of the Ukrainian poet and dissident Vasyl Stus “Forbidden”. Videos there YouTube channel the state of Ukraine. Recall that around the film scandal, in which the film removed all the scenes with Pro-Russian politician Viktor Medvedchuk, who was a lawyer Stus on the court in 1980.

The film “Forbidden,” directed by Roman Brovko will be released on September 5, 2019. The premiere is scheduled for the Day of memory of the poet. Starring in the film were played by Dmitry Yaroshenko, Vitaly Salii, Oleg Maslennikov, Eugene Gladius, Karina Cherepanova, Diana Rozovian.

Vasyl Stus is one of the most famous representatives of the sixties, which were repressed by the Soviet authorities. He died in a Soviet camp on 4 September 1985. “Forbidden” will tell about the life of Ukrainian poet, his struggle and untimely death.

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