Out with Hlavnicka – known singer caught on yet divorced soloist Boombox

На свидание с Хлывнюком - известная певица захомутала разведенного солиста Бумбокса

Andrey Khlyvnyuk, photos Instagram

today, 18:48

In an interview with Ekaterina Osadchaya singer Zlata ognevich shared details of his personal life. The first questions concerned the abrupt change in the image of the star. All used to seeing Ognevich spectacular brunette, she decided to experiment with blonde hair color. In addition, the singer shortened the length of the hair into the now fashionable short hairstyle.

Zlata ognevich explained the change of image completion of a long-term relationship in which she was heart broken. To forget about the pain and the past aside, the singer decided to change.

На свидание с Хлывнюком - известная певица захомутала разведенного солиста Бумбокса

Zlata ognevich, photos Instagram

Osadchaya, among other things, asked about the novel Ognevich with Andrew Hlyvnjuk. After the news about the divorce soloist Boombox with his wife, with whom the singer lived for ten years and the father of two children, some media began to write about the romance between Hlavnicka and Ognevich. The singer said that no affair not exist, but the singers really met a couple of times for coffee. At these meetings they spoke about creativity and duets. Khlyvnyuk has no interest now to record with someone the Duo, ACN in the recent past it was a creative collaboration, such as singer Tina Karol.

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Zlata ognevich, but open to the idea to record a duet, and therefore is in search of a creative partner or partner.

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