Outbreak at the Mile Public House: twenty young patients involved

Éclosion au Mile Public House: une vingtaine de jeunes atteints en cause

It is a group of over 20 young people who could not probably not that they were reached by the COVID-19, which are at the origin of a possible outbreak at the bar the Mile Public House in Quartier DIX30 in Brossard.

This is what was stated by Dr. Julie Loslier, director of public health, Montérégie, in the interview on LCN Monday morning.

“We are not talking about a contagion of the staff of the Mile Public House, but rather a group of young people who are already associated with an outbreak”, she says.

“We have three events in the Montérégie region, which include these same young people-there. It speaks of more than twenty young people to be positive for all three events.”

Young people have also participated in festivals, in private homes.

“Some of these young people were in one, sometimes two, and some to all three events. For events in parties in private, our investigators in public health are able to identify them just by contacting the case,” said Dr. Loslier.

By contrast, an appeal to the population was needed on Sunday in order to contact the clients who have been able to find at the Mile Public House on the 30th of June at night, at the same time that the young people who are infected.

“These young people reached by the COVID-19 have received the diagnosis after the frequenting of public places and party,” said the public health.

In the Montérégie region, the number of cases of people affected by the COVID-19 goes back to the past few days, and the disease affects people of younger and younger.

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