Outbreak of COVID-19 at the hospital of Saint-Eustache

Éclosion de COVID-19 à l’hôpital de Saint-Eustache

The hospital of Saint-Eustache in the Laurentians, is facing an outbreak of COVID-19 in three of its hospitalization units.

Monday, it’s 14 patients and 11 employees who have been declared positive for the coronavirus.

The workers in question have been sent home, the time of their recovery, and patients contaminated have been sent in the red zone in other hospitals in the region, said on Thursday the CISSS of the Laurentians.

“We take the situation very seriously and are sparing no effort to stop these outbreaks as quickly as possible. It is the health and safety of our customers and our staff “, said the president-director general of the CISSS, Rosemonde Landry, by issuing a press release.

In order to limit the spread of the virus, the doctors and staff of the institution will be screened heavily from Friday.

The sanitary measures have also been heightened after the recent outbreak of the disease, does one also know.

For the time being, it was confirmed that it had documented the cases of COVID-19 in three of the 13 units of hospitalization of the hospital of Saint-Eustache: the 1EA, the C1A and C2A.

As a precaution, the visits are no longer permitted until further notice, except for humanitarian grounds or to go see a hospitalized child.

Another unit of the hospital centre, the E3A, is in observation, because infected people have passed.

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