Outbreak of COVID in a producer market in the Montérégie

Éclosion de COVID chez un producteur maraîcher de la Montérégie

SHERRINGTON – The producer of vegetable VegPro International, located in the Montérégie region, is grappling with an outbreak of COVID-19.

Some 23 workers, of which 18 are foreign workers, have been infected by the new coronavirus. The origin of the workers would not be to blame since the majority are on canadian soil in over a year.

Rather, it is the proximity of individuals outside of the hours of work that is suspected to have caused the outbreak. Thus, the employer has made a request for screening from the public health on may 29.

Two other screenings were also carried out by other employees who have possibly been in contact with those already infected.

Following the screening, the public health has issued several recommendations to the company, including the identification of cases quickly within the staff. It also proposes to introduce a form of symptoms to complete before each shift.

In addition to these measures, the alienation and the retention of a bearing providing stability to the employees.

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