Outbreak of violence in the United States : five children killed by fire arms during the weekend

Flambée de violence aux États-Unis : cinq enfants tués par des armes à feu au cours du week-end

The long holiday weekend in the United States has been marked by an outbreak of violence while five children were killed by gun violence in various american States.

One of the victims, a girl of 8 years old, has been reached by a bullet as she stood near the restaurant in Atlanta where a man who resisted arrest was killed by a police officer.

Another person was killed in this shooting.

A little girl of 7 years old from Chicago, was also killed on Saturday by a stray bullet while she stood outside.

Similar Situation in Washington where it is a 11 year old boy who died, hit by ball as near to a community centre.

In Alabama, a man of 22 years was arrested after hitting and fatally wounded by gunshot, a boy of 8 years old in a shopping centre.

Then, a boy of 6 years of the San Francisco bay area was found dead Saturday night, hit by a projectile.

Finally, in Minnesota, a woman was killed by a bullet just after having given birth to a baby.

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