Outgoing RN deputy, Yoann Gillet re-elected with 54.22% of the votes

Outgoing RN deputy, Yoann Gillet re-elected with 54.22% of the votes

La joie de Yoann Gillet, réélu avec l’ensemble des candidats gardois. Midi Libre – MiKAEL ANISSET

The RN votes from the peripheral municipalities of Nîmes and the canton of Beaucaire were decisive, while the Nîmes offices placed Charles Menard, NFP candidate in the lead.

The RN of Gard affirmed: the grand slam was possible in the department. And in fact, after a few moments of uncertainty, the figures fell last night: 6 out of 6 constituencies were won… hellip; .

"It’is folded… " notes disappointed, Charles Menard, candidate of the New Popular Front, upon learning of the results in the Prolé court. Around him, however, the crowd is jubilant, attacking in succession L’Internationale, Bella Ciao and We are here to cover the voice of Eric Ciotti who speaks on the screen of TV. It's folded in the Gard but the left celebrates the national results and for Charles Menard "it's this victory which is the most ;important…"

Outgoing RN deputy, Yoann Gillet re-elected with 54.22% of the votes

Charles Menard at Prolé. Midi Libre – C.M.

Not far from there, on rue Bigot, at the office of the RN Federation, there is also jubilation. But here, on the contrary, we celebrate the Gard results more than the national ones, even if Yoann Gillet, RN MP from the 1st constituency, points out that “nationally we have doubled our number of MPs in the assembly”.

“The grand slam”

The MP who has just been re-elected is jubilant: “Bravo to you all, It's historic! Tonight we are making the grand slam in the Gard with 6 out of 6 constituencies in our colors. And in my constituency, we obtained more than 10,000 votes more than in 2022.

Indeed, in 2022, Yoann Gillet (28,259 votes this July 7) obtained 17,564 votes in the second round against Françoise, Dumas. An increase in votes which can be explained in particular by the sharp increase in participation: in 2022, it was only 41.42% then that this Sunday it reached 63.55%.

Almost 70% for Gillet in Bellegarde 

In the canton of Beaucaire (Beaucaire, Bellegarde, Jonquières-Saint-Vincent, Vallabrègues and Fourques) and in the municipalities of the Nîmes crown (Bouillargues, Caissargues, Garons, Milhaud, Rodilhan) Yoann Gillet explodes the counters with scores between 61.72% in Rodilhan and almost 70% (69.96%) in Bellegarde. Usual scores in these sectors, particularly in Beaucairois, a sector that the outgoing MP has been surveying for a long time, having been chief of staff for several years to the RN mayor of Beaucaire Julien Sanchez.

As such Yoann Gillet knows his opponent Charles Menard well since the candidate of the New Popular Front is an opposition elected official of the same Julien Sanchez.

Menard leads in Nîmes 

Charles Menard is not surprised by the RN's scores in these municipalities. "The villages had a colossal weight. It’is very difficult work to win back the voters who allowed themselves to be seduced by the RN in these communes". He notes in passing that he was in the lead in two offices in Beaucaire. But it is in Nîmes that the candidate achieves his best scores since he comes well ahead of the RN candidate with 56.36% of the votes.

Difficult, immediately, for his team to say how the vote postponements played out, in particular those linked to the withdrawal of Valérie Rouverand (Ensemble). A more detailed analysis will be done in the coming days& ;nbsp;: postponement of votes but also participation of working-class neighborhoods that the NFP surveyed.

"We knocked on all the doors in Pissevin"

"With my team, we had a good campaign : in four weeks we were everywhere and we knocked on all the doors of  Pissevin . It’s a huge job but these are disillusioned voters who have the impression that their vote will be of no use".

Tonight, more than ever, a divide is emerging between the city and its outskirts. Municipalities that are only a few kilometers away…hellip;

So the rest ? "We are already preparing for alternation in the face of unnatural alliances. RN deputies will be united to defend your voice in all circumstances" concludes Yoann Gillet.

"We don't win this time. But we hold our heads high and maintain our honor. Not everyone can say the same, and voters will remember, we are sure, the cowardly and irresponsible behavior of local officials and elected Republicans. The national result warms our hearts. The NPF comes first, and its emancipation project with it. It is now up to each of us to make it happen locally… " concludes Charles Menard for his part.

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