Outlander season 5 : two scenes unfolded that portend a death and a marriage

Outlander-season 5 : the first images moving before the happening of the episodes on Netflix

Fans of Outlander will be able to find Claire and Jamie from the 16th of February 2020 in the USA on Starz and the next day in France on Netflix. But waiting to discover the result of their adventures in the episodes, the first images from season 5 have been revealed. And they are very moving. A stage leaves even portend the death of a character. Attention spoilers !

Soon a death in Outlander ?

A recent trailer for the Outlander had teasé a return in the present. This time, a new video posted on YouTube has unveiled new images very moving series. While the episodes will be broadcast from the 16th of February 2020 on Starz in the United States and then the next day on Netflix in France, this is only one of the two short scenes revealed could spoiler the death of an important character.

In the extract of 4 minutes, people can first discover a flashback. We see Jamie (Sam Heughan) as a child. Murtagh (Duncan Lacroix) announces to him the death of his mother. “It is a party. I took an oath, Jamie Fraser. When you had not more than a week. I knelt at the feet of Ellen, and I kneel now before you, and I swore that I will follow you always. She is gone now, but I’ll always be with you. Always,” said Murtagh in this sad sequence.

This flashback speaking of death, with the presence of Murtagh to the inside, would it not be a harbinger of the death of the character ? As a reminder, at the end of the season 4 of Outlander, Jamie had received a letter from the governor. He was asked in particular to find Murtagh and kill him. Knowing that in the books of Diana Gabaldon that inspired the series, the godfather of Jamie’s death at the battle of Culloden, it is said that he may die in season 5.

A wedding with a view

In addition to the possible deaths to come from Murtagh, these first images from season 5 of’Outlander also announce a good news : a wedding. In fact, the second scene shows Jamie adult this time, in the face of his son-in-law, Roger (Richard Rankin). The darling Brianna (Sophie Skelton) tries to shave but has difficulty doing so with the razor’s edge of time. The protagonist helps Roger to perform this task.

Crazy in love with Brianna, Roger promises to his father-that he is going to learn everything you need to know to adapt to these ancient times and that he will work for his wife and child are taken care of. Jamie offers a ring to it so that it passes it to the finger of Brianna on their wedding day.

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