Outrageous that SNC-Lavalin dare to apply to the supreme Court

Outrées que SNC-Lavalin ose s’adresser à la Cour suprême

THREE-RIVERS | More than 850 families digest poorly that SNC-Lavalin’s address to the supreme Court after having been found guilty of having authorized the construction of their houses with concrete for crack.

Éric Baril was paying attention to the big words on Saturday, questioned the intention of SNC-Lavalin to be heard by the highest court in the country. It is part of 857 victims who have been waiting for 2014 to be compensated for an aggregate amount up to 210 million $ today.

“I find it disgusting. We need this money, there is for victims and it must be rule. It is enough, ” quipped the father of three daughters.

The He 41-year-old had borrowed $ 125,000 to a building in 2005, and then had to withdraw $ 150,000 to repair itself when the foundations started to crack.

A photo of his meeting with the prime minister Justin Trudeau in April 2016.

In the Mauricie region, more than 2000 houses were built on concrete containing pyrrhotite, a mineral that swells in contact with water and that is cracking the foundations. As is the case with Mr. Baril, and the cost of repair generally exceeds the value of the house.

“The victims are angry, disappointed. It is the rage that they have. They have the impression to be niaiser by a company that has billions, ” said the president of the Coalition to help victims of pyrrhotite, Alain Gélinas.

Nearly 4,000 other houses built there fifteen years are at risk, and still have not had to test for the presence of pyrrhotite.

Condemned twice

SNC-Lavalin had been sentenced originally in June 2014, among others, have provided reports stating that the stone was suitable for the manufacture of concrete, when this was not the case.

The judgment was appealed and was again won by the victims at the beginning of 2020.

The firm is opposed now to a sharing of responsibilities which it is responsible for 70 % of the damage caused to the houses of the 857 complainants of the first mega-trials.

At least two other trials involving other victims will take place, but only when the first is settled.

$ 50 million of interest

It is not yet determined whether the supreme Court will agree to hear SNC-Lavalin on this folder.

The lawyer of the victims, Pierre Soucy, a reminder that even if it accepts it, it doesn’t mean that the victims will not be paid immediately. It is necessary that the firm files an application with the tribunal.

“If they ever dare to submit a request for a stay, you can be assured that it will be contested with vehemence,” warns the lawyer.

He also points out that SNC-Lavalin has accumulated to $ 50 million of interest since June 2014, or $ 30,000 per day.

SNC-Lavalin did not respond to our interview request.

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