Outside on a chair to see his wife

Dehors sur une chaise pour voir sa femme

Sitting outside on a camping chair, Juan Perez looks at his wife through the window talking to him on the phone… It is everything that allows the Douglas Institute in this Montreal private visit for three months.

“This is not sad, this is not serious… This is inhuman !” rage Juan Perez, whose wife is receiving care for anxiety and severe depression since January at the Institut universitaire en santé mentale Douglas Montreal.

The 65 year-old man said he caught in a ” whirlwind “. When he addresses to the Institute for a visit to his wife, he replied that it is the CIUSSS to decide. The CIUSSS the returns to the public health, and when he joined the public health, it is said to see with the Institute, he said, exasperated.

During this time, he moved several times a day on his camping chair in front of the pavilion which is neat his wife to see and talk to him on the phone. Sometimes it hangs even of the flowers to the branches of a tree overlooking her window to brighten up the place.

His wife is there since January, and before the pandemic, her husband could visit her, he says.

Distress total

“I listen to cry […] It is in distress total. She doesn’t want to be here, she says her days are long, that there is nothing to do “, he laments.

It is only this week that his wife has started yoga classes, after three months of confinement, and to take steps if there are enough staff, says Mr Perez.

Looking at the “huge” green spaces around the Institute and the many picnic tables, he does not understand why a meeting, keeping two meters distance, is not yet possible.

The deputy director of mental health programs and dependencies CIUSSS of the West Island of Montréal, Véronique Wilson, admits that the confinement current is “paradoxical” at the Douglas Institute.

“The effects of the pandemic will create mental health problems and may exacerbate some of the problems, and at the same time, our users are hospitalized in a centre because of their mental health problems “, she says, adding that the contact with the relatives was able to be kept through phones.

Confusion of the CIUSSS

She argues that the visits to the hospital for family caregivers are only permitted from June 2, by the province, and the CIUSSS valid at this time ” a procedure for caregivers “, hoping to welcome its first visitors in the course of next week.

However, a spokesman for the ministry of Health and social Services confirms that the visits to the hospital have received the green light from the 20th of may, as for the other accommodation centres.

“One thing is certain, since the 20th of may, all of the CEOS of the CISSS and CIUSSS have been made aware of this directive,” writes Robert Maranda.

“It’s the press ! The state of my wife is deteriorating “, argues Mr. Perez.

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