Over 900 disappearances of women in Peru during the containment

Plus de 900 disparitions de femmes au Pérou pendant le confinement

More than 900 women, of which 70% are minor, have disappeared in Peru during the three and a half months of confinement because of the pandemic, to figures significantly, announced on Monday the defender of the people.

Before the confinement, were were five disappearances per day on average, but this figure climbed to eight over the period.

“From 16 march to 30 June, it was reported 915 missing women in Peru”, said to AFP Eliana Revollar, head of women’s rights within the institution.

“We need to know what happened with them,” said the defender of the people, Walter Gutiérrez, to the radio RPP.

“The case of girls and adolescent girls account for 70% of the total missing women”, he added.

If some are returned by the following, in the absence of a national registry of the police, it is not known how many are still missing.

“There is a resistance of the police to investigate these cases. We require that we put in place the national register of missing persons”, is carried Ms. Revollar.

In 2019, 166 femicides took place in Peru, of which the tenth part had been catalogued in a first time as a disappearance.

Peru is the second country in the region with the most cases of coronavirus (more than 384 000), behind Brazil, and the third in number of deaths (over 18,000), after the giant south american and Mexico.

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