Over the American base took a flight of an unidentified object

Над американской базой засняли полет неопознанного объекта

UFO was cigar-shaped.

The following video was received on 8 February this year, in the County of Santa Barbara state of California, near the air force base “Vandenberg”, equipped with its own spaceport, according to the Chronicle.info with reference to Esoreiter.

The video shows unidentified flying cigar-shaped object, floating slowly above the horizon. According to the surprised operator, he noticed this UFO by accident and immediately tried to shoot it with the camera of the smartphone.

At first the witness thought it was an ordinary airship, but then the observer realized that’s wrong. The fact that at some point the mysterious object was approaching directly to the top of a hill, where there are pylons. It is obvious that none of the airship will not fly up to the wires so close. But “flying saucers” often where there are powerful electrical like they draw from the grid.

Many ufologists the world wide web is also believe that it is not about the balloon but about the metal air ship of impressive dimensions. Maybe air force base “Vandenberg” interested representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations? Or is the us military testing of such an unusual device, is created, possibly using alien technology?

However, about the alien technology the United States is more talk of conspiracy and assumptions than actual facts. Yet none of these so-called aircraft of the future did not show themselves somewhere, say, in one of the “hot spots” of the planet, where the Americans have their military bases and political (economic) interests, for example, in the same Syria.

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