Overbooking: he flies away without his wife for their honeymoon

Overbooked: he flies away without his wife for their honeymoon


Due to a problem of overbooking, a young French bride was separated from her husband, when flying for their honeymoon, reports Ouest-France. 

Last Sunday, Clothilde and her new husband were to fly to Corsica. The couple, who had married the previous week, had bought two plane tickets through a travel agency.

The couple therefore headed for Nantes airport and it was not only upon boarding that the carrier informed them that there was not enough room in the aircraft for both. The airline had sold too many tickets for the number of seats.

When Clothilde learned of this bad news, her husband had already boarded the plane and would have had to buy a second ticket if he had decided of the device. Resigned, he therefore remained on board and flew to Corsica, leaving his young wife alone at the airport.

Clothilde had to wait 24 hours at Nantes airport to obtain a seat on another flight. As compensation, the airline only offered him a consumer card for 10 euros, or about 13 Canadian dollars.