Overcome your fears to live healthy

Overcome your fears to live healthy


According to several studies, fear is a silent enemy. Not only does fear cause some discomfort, but it would cause energy tensions, responsible for several diseases. At least that is what the author, Seymour Brussel, believes. In addition to stress, he explains in his book that fear could cause various physical disorders. Hence the importance of overcoming your fears in order to maintain a good quality of life and live in full health.

Fear can sometimes seem like something irrational. Fear of emptiness, fear of loneliness, fear of running out of money, fear of flying, fear of dying, of suffering and much more. According to the author, they are often buried deep within us, ready to resurface. 

In addition to those associated with disturbing or traumatic events in our past, some fears are ancestral, hereditary or even genetic, conscious or unconscious.

In other words, if your parents ran out of money or were afraid of running out, you may have inherited this form of fear. And, to succeed in detaching yourself from it, you must first become aware of it.

Fear and depression

One thing is certain, fear brings nothing positive. By clinging to our fears, we go around in circles and we do not solve anything. That said, fear can sometimes push us to move forward and find a solution in certain circumstances. 

Nevertheless, if we want to solve various problems, especially related to health, it is important to face our fears to understand where they come from and manage to detach ourselves from them. Those who have lived through difficult events will have a greater risk, as adults, of suffering from depression. 

We understand, on reading this book, that these people who have been sensitized to pain will then overreact to a disturbing event. Their heart rate will be accelerated and the stress hormone will be more easily secreted. Finally, they will be more prone to depression or chronic stress. To remedy this, we suggest practicing a sport on a regular basis, meditation or, at the very least, developing relaxation techniques.

Fear and illness

In his book, the author shows that each illness or ailment has a link with a psychological problem as banal as a toothache. And it is often fear that is the main cause of a physical disorder.

The brain, the heart, the nervous system, among others, are linked and are one. From the moment an organ is affected, there is an imbalance somewhere that can cause another somewhere else.

Stress disrupts the nervous system and causes an imbalance in the cardiac system that can cause disorders digestive, respiratory or circulatory. 

The author also mentions the importance of having a strong immune system to be protected from disease. 

When there is no nutritional or emotional deficiency, nor fatigue or depression, it is more difficult for the disease to take hold, because it only takes root if the terrain allows it.