Overflows to the park Waterfalls: the mayor of Rawdon goes to the action

Débordements au parc des Cascades: le maire de Rawdon passe à l’action

RAWDON – As a reaction to the excesses that occurred this weekend, the municipality of Rawdon has made the decision Monday to reserve exclusively to its citizens access to its waterfalls, its falls and its beach, and, up to June 30.

The exceptional measure taken by the elected representatives of the municipality, shall enter into force as early as Tuesday, 18h, and will end a week later.

“It gives us a break of a week to review a little bit about how it happened,” explains the mayor of Rawdon, Bruno Guilbault.

  • Bruno Guilbault at QUB radio:

This last hope that in the course of the next seven days, the déconfinement will continue elsewhere in the province, especially for the beaches in the greater Montreal area, which should reduce traffic in the area.

Those who wish to enjoy the facilities of the municipality will therefore have to prove that they are residents of Rawdon, in order to have access to it.

The mayor Guilbault had promised earlier on Monday to address the misbehaviour, recognising that the municipality had lost control Sunday.

He met with the Sûreté du Québec, but also the park manager of the Cascades Monday morning.

The site will also now be quickly closed when it has reached its maximum capacity. Sunday, it was almost already full as early as 9: 30am.

Between 4000 to 6000 people were on the scene Sunday, while the capacity of the site is 1200.

Signs will be installed upstream to get the message out to motorists.

Many Montrealers in particular have taken advantage of the enchanting places.

Their presence has caused a lot of discontent among the citizens. A petition posted on the EXCHANGE website has already collected more than 5300 signatures, mainly from citizens who claim the right of access to these places as a priority.

The mayor, however, said it was impossible to put in place such a priority. He asked to Valerie Plant to accelerate the opening of the beaches in order to keep their Montreal home.

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