Overview of tech news with Mathieu Roy

Overview of tech news with Mathieu Roy


Technology in the automotive world is advancing at breakneck speed. The electrification of transport, autonomous driving and the proliferation of on-board screens are just some of the sectors that are in full boiling.

Mathieu Roy, techno columnist, was the guest of Germain Goyer and Louis-Philippe Dubé on the show Le Guide de l'auto on QUB Radio.

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An effective driving assistant for the Hyundai Ioniq 6

Mathieu Roy has participated in recent days in the Canadian launch of the Hyundai Ioniq 6. An electric sedan, it intends to compete with the Tesla Model 3. Among other features, he was able to test the driving assistance on the highway. 

“I'm excited about this kind of new technology. The new system, which notably changes lanes simply by triggering the turn signal, was devilishly effective. […] We should also note the possibility of performing remote updates, this is a first for Hyundai,” says Mathieu Roy.

He also shared his appreciation for the screens on board the new model.

Are physical buttons here to stay?

In recent years, a partly, sometimes entirely, physical buttons have been replaced by manipulations via a touch screen. While some foresee the death of physical buttons, others believe they won't be phased out any time soon.

“I love technology, but I remain lucid and skeptical when we want to replace everything with screens. The screen is not a solution for everything, especially when the interface is not adequate. […] I don't see, for example, why we would replace the volume button with a button on a screen”, comments the techno specialist. 

A code of driving for autonomous vehicles

In some cities in North America, autonomous vehicles are on the roads every day. We are still far from this reality in Quebec. Waymo, which is a subsidiary owned by the same entity as Google, is one of the main players in autonomous driving and has published a code of conduct for autonomous vehicles.

“Waymo has published a dossier driving. This is to advance the public debate on autonomous vehicles. Legislative is much slower than technological and our ability to accept new technologies is slower than the speed at which they evolve,” explains Mathieu Roy.

He adds “we don't want the self-driving car to be simply better than the human being, we want it to be beyond reproach. It is not tomorrow that we will be ready to accept that an individual has died because of a self-driving car. Unfortunately, humans are the cause of more than nine out of ten road accidents”.

News of the week

During this Car Guide program, we also discussed the 2024 Hyundai Sonata, new tires that will cost a little more and the financial loss expected by Ford with its electric vehicles. 

Test Drives

Louis-Philippe Dubé and Germain Goyer share their thoughts on the recently tested 2024 GMC Hummer SUV and 2022 Volkswagen Tiguan. 

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